Facility Maintenance and Repair

For more than 40 years, SKE has provided complete facility management service solutions to U.S. Department of Defense clients in Europe. Key to our success lies in our extensive knowledge of our client and end customer requirements and emphasis on effective communication between all stakeholders. We implement our customized management model for each facility maintenance contract to ensure proper operability and functionality of all systems during the performance of the contract and warranty periods.

SKE offers the following expert total facility maintenance services:

  • Inspection of buildings and existing systems  
  • Preventive maintenance of facilities and existing systems 
  • Regular maintenance of existing facility systems 
  • 24/7 emergency repair  
  • Minor building repair  
  • Landscaping  
  • Snow and ice removal services  
  • Contract management/documentation system  
  • Inventory and warranty management system 
  • Quality control and work safety  
  • Maintenance and repair of refrigerant systems