The SKE Group consists of three subsidiary companies: SKE Support Services GmbH (SKE SSG), SKE Technical Services GmbH, (SKE TSG), and SKE S.r.l. Each subsidiary combines the expertise of our in-house service technicians who maintain, repair, and replace technical building systems with the know-how of our engineers and architects responsible for planning and implementing construction, renovation and maintenance projects.   

Over the past 40 years, the SKE Group has performed a myriad of significant facility maintenance service contracts and Design-Build (D-B) and Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) construction projects entailing multiple trades for the US Forces throughout Europe and Africa. 


SKE believes in empowering employees to take ownership over their individual tasksThis not only increases intrinsic motivation but also improves morale, pride, and workplace satisfactionThis is an added benefit for our clients as they reap the rewards from working with local contacts who can make decisions independently and coordinate with customers directlyfacilitating smooth and seamless work processes