Environmental Protection

Our parent company, VINCI, works actively to raise environmental awareness with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2030. To achieve this goal, VINCI continues optimizing processes, has switched to sustainable alternatives, and continues to raise employee awareness through training and events.

In no way is SKE falling behind but we are leading the charge!

Under the motto “Together for green growth,” we are committed to using resources responsibly and continuously raising awareness of how our actions affect the environment. This is of central importance not only for our employees, but also for our subcontractors.

The guidelines and measures from our environmental and energy management system ensure that sustainable entrepreneurial action is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. For SKE, we are mindful of the impact the entire value chain in our construction and facility management service projects have on the environment and seek opportunities to reduce these impacts during the project lifecycle (planning to completion). We apply energy-saving solutions in new construction and renovation projectsinstall modern building technology, and integrate photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Additionally, we seek to reuse energy efficient material where possible and apply our environmentally conscious waste management systemSKE remainsteadfast in optimizing the eco-balance of real estate and facilities, which not only helps improve environment but also provides our clients with cost-effective solutions to decrease costs.

Our internal staff and external stakeholders are involved in implementing and improving environmental protection measures and processes and are regularly informed and trained ensuring the holistic success of our environmental policy.