SKE International (and it’s subsidiaries) was integrated to VINCI Energies Deutschland Building Solutions GmbH on 13 January 2020. SKE International (SKE) continues to provide an integral corporate support function to SKE Support Services GmbH, SKE Technical Services GmbH, and SKE Srl.


SKE Srl was founded in Italy.

SKE International GmbH and it’s subsidiary firms SKE Srl, SKE SSG, and SKE TSG are home to over +250 employees at office locations throughout Europe and Africa.


SKE International GmbH was established along with SKE Support Services GmbH (SKE SSG) and SKE Technical Support Services GmbH (SKE TSG).


TM Stuttgart GmbH was formed, which was also a SKE Company. TM was a project company that existed for the duration of the Total Maintenance Services contract.


BOS GmbH was founded. BOS was a project company that existed for the duration of the Base Operational Services contract.


SKE Maintenance GmbH & Co. KG was established in 1988. At that time, it was a subsidiary of Klee KG and Ehrenfels KGSKE was organized with the specific intent to have a company whose principal focus was to serve the US Government market in the area of total operations and maintenance support and the emerging simplified approach to purchasing repair, renovation and modernization projects and services for real property. SKE pioneered the US Army’s European Job Order Contracting program. The initial staffing and “know-how” were drawn from existing German and American employees at Klee KG and Ehrenfels KG, the latter being a wholly subsidiary of Klee.