The duties and tasks of the former holding company “SKE International GmbH were flattened/merged with subsidiaries SKE Support Services GmbH, SKE Technical Services GmbH and SKE S.r.l. and integrated into the VINCI Energies Deutschland Building Solutions GmbH as the “Government Services division. Business Area.


SKE International GmbH and its subsidiaries was integrated into VINCI Facilities, one of the VINCI Energies divisions.

SKE S.r.l was founded and headquartered in Vicenza, Italy. 


The holding company SKE International GmbH and subsidiaries SKE Support Services GmbH and SKE Technical Support Services GmbH were founded.


Total Maintenance Stuttgart GmbH is established. TM Stuttgart was a contract-specific company of SKE established to perform facility maintenance services under the Total Maintenance Services contract (which supported US properties in the Stuttgart area) for the contract duration until 2013.

SKE was acquired by VINCI Construction, business unit of VINCI S.A., the global concessions and construction group.   


The Base Operations Services GmbH (BOS GmbH) was established as the Prime contractual entity for the Base Operational Services contract in support of U.S.  military installations in Hanau until base closure in 2010.


SKE Maintenance GmbH & Co. KG was founded with the main premise to executconstruction projects and service contracts at various US Army installations in Germany. SKE Maintenance GmbH & Co. KG was awarded the first-ever Job Order Contract (JOC) framework contract in Europe.


A division consisting of KLEE KG Bauunternehmung in Mannheim and Bauunternehmung Ehrenfels KG in Karlstadt near Würzburg was established to perform construction projects and services for the U.S. Department of Defense at military installations in Germany.